New toy arrived: Floppy EMU

Thank you Steve Chamberlin for creating this cool little gadget. It arrived promptly via USPS Priority Mail in a small flat rate box. I just tested it out and got it to load 140K and 800K floppy images on my //c+ after playing around with several configurations. I had 2 5.25 floppy drives already attached, so it wouldn’t work on the end of that daisy chain. When I removed one of the drives it was seen as S5,D2 when configured as an 800K drive and as S6,D2 when configured as a 140K drive. I’m thinking of putting it on the internal connector to replace the 3.5 drive that burned out. I wonder what the //c+ will think when it finds a 5.25 floppy as its internal drive – it will say “WTF! I’m not a //c – give me my 3.5 floppy back!”

Comment by Steve Chamberlin:

This probably won’t work. But you can use it as an internal 3.5 inch drive on the IIc+.

I tried it on my Apple //e daisy chained to my 5.25 Transdrive with the EMU configured as an Apple 800K drive.

Comment by Steve Chamberlin:

This is because of the Apple II disk drive type ordering requirements. 5.25 inch drives must be the last on the daisy chain – you can’t place an 800K drive after a 5.25 inch drive. Please see section 6.1 of the manual.

It couldn’t find the drive under Prodos 8 v1.9 – I’m going to need to do more testing to see how it should be connected and whether Prodos and PC Transporter can use it.

So now that I’m confident that the board works I can assemble the case.

This assembly of acrylic parts was a lot of fun. Allow at least an hour.

Here are the parts you get – you need to peel off the sticky paper on each acrylic piece, which takes patience so just relax and enjoy it.

And you’ll get a great sense of satisfaction when you finally tighten the nuts. Steve Jobs would be proud of the look of this product.

Note: The supported emulation modes are as follows – here’s the manual.

For my Apple //e, I will be transferring Dos 3.3 images from my Vulcan hard disk to the EMU.  I already have HDV images of my Vulcan Prodos partitions, so I should be able to retire it and replace the power supply when necessary.
Then I might move the PC Transporter to slot 5 to take advantage of the ability to add additional drives on the daisy chain.
I will be using all 3 emulation modes on the //c+.
Here is a video showing how it works on the Apple //e:

Update 7/16/2017: Today my brain remembered the arcane wildcard character for FID: the = sign.  I know should have RTFriendlydos3.3Manual, but it is amazing that that fact was archived in my brain for 30 years.  Anyway I am now in business offloading my Vulcan DOS 3.3 partition:

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